DR WILLIAM PRICE (1800-1893)

1800 On the 4th of March William Price was born to Rev. William Price and his wife Mary. He had 3 brothers and 3 sisters.
1820 Enrolled at the Royal College of Surgeons, London.
1821 Qualified as a doctor, passing his examinations in just 12 months, a feat no student has achieved before or since. Returned to Wales.
1836 Price attended a secret Chartist meeting where he was elected leader of the Pontypridd and District section of the Charter.
1839 As a result of the Newport uprising a warrant for his arrest was issued. Price fled to France disguised as a woman and was helped up the gangplank by the police inspector sent to apprehend him.
1839 – 1846 Met Dr Christian Hahnemann, a pioneer of homeopathy and began to buy homeopathic remedies to use on his own patients.

Claimed to translate the hieroglyphics on the stone of Carnac that declared him to be a direct descendant of the high priest of the Druids. Returned to Wales.
1848 Met Megan Evans and they lived together out of wedlock for 12 years.
1848 – 1860 Attempted transplant surgery, replacing the shinbone of an injured miner with a piece of bone from a calf.

First daughter born.

Price openly criticised smoking and believed that the ‘Devil’s weed’ was a dirty custom and harmful to one’s health. He once threw a gentleman’s pipe from a moving train, threatening that the gent would follow if he complained.
1860 Lost a land dispute and refused to pay the fine. A warrant for his arrest was issued. He fled to France again, this time hidden in a trunk.
1866 Returned to Wales.
1870 Met Gwenllian Llewelyn and lived with her until his death.
1871 Price supported the Aberdare and Rhondda coal miners strike.
1875 Met Karl Marx.
1883 First son born.
1884 Son died and was cremated.
1886 First crematorium opened in Woking.
1893 William Price died on the 31st January.
br /> 20,000 people attended his funeral.
1947 Plaque from the Cremation Society of Great Britain unveiled in Llantrisant.
1982 Statue of William Price was erected in the Bull Ring, Llantrisant.

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